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“과학 논문에 나오는 관용어구들” 웃기면서도 속으론 뜨끔하게 만드는 내용들 ㅎㅎ < Scientific Jargon > by Dyrk Schingman, Oregon State University After several years of studying and hard work, I have finally learned scientific jargon. The following list of phrases and their definitions will help you to understand that mysterious language of science and medicine. IT HAS […]

보통 sex에 관한 battle이라면 자신의 씨를 뿌리기 위한 수컷들끼리의 경쟁을 생각하게 되는데 그러한 상식을 깨는 흥미로운(조금은 민망스러운) 기사이다. 과학 전문지가 아니라 조금 미심쩍기는 하지만 이 정도 수준의 잡지라면 검증되지 않은 내용을 기재하지는 않았을 테니…

Google‘s fourth-quarter net income nearly tripled compared with a year earlier, to $1 billion (its annual profit for 2006 doubled to $3.1 billion). The company is prospering from website advertising revenue; the number of paid clicks rose by 61% in the quarter. However, Google’s share price came under pressure after analysts cautioned its future profits […]


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