“We agreed I’d send a postcard to let her know when I had my next leave and could see her. We said good night (without kissing or touching) and I walked away. After a few steps I turned and saw her standing in the doorway, not unlocking the door, just standing there watching me; only then, when I was a little way off, did she drop her reserve and allow her eyes (so timid before) to fix me in a long stare. Then she lifted her arm like someone who has never waved, who doesn’t know how to wave, who only knows that when one person leaves, the other person waves, and did her awkward best to make the gesture. I stopped and waved back, and we stood there looking at each other. Then I started off again, stopped once more (Lucie’s hand was still going), and went on, starting and stopping, until finally I turned the corner and we vanished from each other’s sight.”

– Milan Kundera, The Joke.

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